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Granite & Marble Galaxi

Spaces that promote well-being and promote an active lifestyle. Relationships that offer creative solutions, because granite and marble services must anticipate the challenges of complex new renovations. We connect your wishes with our comprehensive approach to achieve spectacular results.

Our dedication and effort are what set us apart from the competition, and we want to continue that way. You can trust us and our services since honesty is the foundation of every project we undertake.

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We will work hand in hand with you to meet
your most demanding specifications

The construction combines an elegant finishes and fine materials with a faithful adaptation to the design as a result; a product according to each need. We constantly evolve in each of our projects, always facing each challenge with professionalism.

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Level 1 for $ 33 square foot and free sink

We will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and deliver the corresponding results.

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We will work hand in hand with you

Granite & Marble Galaxi in New Castle, DE

When you need a touch of style to improve your home, you should turn to the experts at Granite & Marble Galaxi for help. We will bring your visions to life with beautiful granite and quartz creations!

From start to finish, Granite & Marble Galaxi takes care of everything related to your granite or quartz project. We have warehouses with raw materials, which makes it easier for us to complete your project on time and with quality.

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Imaginative solutions

A relationship with Granite & Marble Galaxi takes you on a journey through imagination and creativity led by innovative architects, skilled designers, and skilled professionals.